Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Encouragement Wins The Day

A good friend, Dick Speight, went with me today to pray for Seth at the hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. He prayed for both healing of the dead cells in his spine and the miraculous recovery of those cells that are injured. After he finished praying, another friend called from Cedar Rapids who informed us that at the time Dick was praying his prayers for healing and miracles, a large number of Cedar Rapids pastors had gathered together and were praying for Seth. This demonstration of care and love was very encouraging.

At a team meeting regarding Seth's condition, one of the doctors expressed his pessimism regarding Seth's prospects for recovery. He said that there should be some signs of improvement by now, and there are none. Seth still has no feeling from his waist down, and this hasn't changed for over a week now. He was not trying to be negative, he just was trying to be straight with us. My wife and I said that we believe God is a healing God, and that our hope remains in what God can do. Nevertheless, this meeting was very discouraging.

Later today, just before Dick, my wife, and I left the hospital, a doctor stopped by to see how Seth was doing. He had treated Seth in the intensive care unit, and had been praying for him. This doctor told us that on the very floor where Seth is staying are several patients who have had recoveries and healings that are impossible according to medical understanding. He said God can certainly do this with Seth as well. This believing doctor was very encouraging.

So, encouragement 2, discouragement 1. Encouragement wins today. Now comes tomorrow. Keep praying!

In Christ's Peace,


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