Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Challenging Time For Seth

The last couple of months have been very challenging for Seth and the rest of the family. Due to the development of two pressure sores, particularly the one on his lower back, Seth has not been able to keep up with his exercises, which in turn has led to some loss of the progress we had been making. Instead, Seth has been dealing with the back sore, which finally resulted in his hospitalization last week. Unfortunately this also coincided with the beginning of his 6th grade school year.

The good news is that we finally got the medical people to take these sores seriously, and since then they have aggressively tended to Seth's healing. With the added focus from the medical team, we were able to track the source for these sores to Seth's wheel chair. While Seth has grown over the last two years, his wheel chair has not, which was causing him to be "compressed" in the way he was sitting, resulting in some high pressure contact with the seat cushion and other parts of the chair. After readjusting (or as the equipment people call it, "mapping") his wheel chair to accomodate his growth, his is sitting and riding much better. All this has been a big reminder for us that we are the ones who must educate ourselves on what is needed for Seth, and then to advocate strongly on his behalf.

As I mentioned before, in the last few months Seth has lost some of the advances he had made before. This, along with our lack of funds, has caused us to put on hold our next trip to Project Walk. Many of you have been very generous, and we are so thankful for the first Project Walk trip and the acquiring of the rehabilitation-grade Total Gym for the home exercise program. Yet, I know that life goes on, and that it is difficult to ask people to maintain a high level of interest in Seth's recovery. Nevertheless, we continue to ask for your thoughts, prayers, and support as we continue to seek the greatest possible recovery for Seth, while also seeking God's intervention for the impossible --- seeing Seth walk again.

As always, we seek your prayers for Seth and for our family. Pray that God would open the way for us to be in a much better place for employment, finances, and resources. This would allow us to do so much more to further Seth's recovery than we can do in our present situation.

Again, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and support. Without you, we would certainly not have the courage and hope that comes from knowing you care and that you desire the best for Seth. Keep on praying....