Sunday, January 3, 2010

Latest On Seth

I was recently reminded that it has been a little while since I let you all know how Seth is doing. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Christmas in the meantime.

Seth continues to have a great attitude, though it is evident that his frustration level with not walking is rising. While this makes for some difficult behavior at times, we view it as a good thing. As he becomes more frustrated with his present limitations, we are hoping this will make him more motivated to do the work necessary to improve. The trainers at Project Walk have told us that motivation is the main issue for children as they do their workouts for walking again. Physically they are set to heal quickly, but mentally they are not as ready since they tend to accept their condition easier.

Seth came back from Project Walk on November 14 with feeling about an inch further down into his pelvic area. He has regained being able to shift his hips, though he can't feel them yet. He continues to have great circulation, and his bowel and bladder functions are better than before. We've learned to minimize the use of his wheelchair, so he scoots on the floor a lot and we set him on regular chairs for eating and homework. The Project Walk people have found that much of the posture and balance problems experienced by paralyzed people are due to extended time in the wheelchair.

Our main challenge right now is setting up a regular exercise routine for Seth in our home. It has been very difficult to work in 9 to 12 hours of exercise with Seth along with everyone else's schedules. With two other small children and Jackie and I both having to work to get by financially, it is not easy. (Pray that a good church will want a "seasoned" guy like me for a pastor!) Obviously, we must do this, but we ask your prayers in helping us carve out the time for this. Plus, the costs of the trip out to Project Walk in San Diego were significantly higher than we anticipated. This, along with the continuing costs of trying to provide what is needed for Seth while he is paralyzed, add a whole other dimension of stress on our family that affects everything else. So, we seek your prayers regarding our financial challenges at this time. (Again, a great big thank you to all who are contributing to Seth's Fund at River of Life Ministries.)

As Walter Cronkite used to say, that's the way it is on this 27th day of December, 2009. I look forward to being able to share more good news of improvement as time goes on, but please remember to keep seeking God for Seth's healing. God is showing us the way, but all healing in any form is from God, and Seth continues to work on what God has asked of him, which is to "ask Me, trust Me, and work with Me."

Thank you all for your support and your friendship. May you all have a blessed and happy New Year!