Friday, May 6, 2016

Of Pastries And Potties

The cruel evil entity called ISIS is on the march in the Near East, Texas is experiencing deadly flooding, the world economy is on the verge of devastating collapse, refugees continue to pour into Europe and the USA from Africa and the Near East, anti-Semitism is on the rise in many places, racial prejudice is tearing apart a number of American cities, a narcissistic criminal is about to be nominated for President by the Democrats, and a narcissistic con-man is about to be nominated for president by the Republicans! So - what is our society focusing on as of critical importance right now - what are companies, states, and other corporate entities taking sides on and are willing to stake their economic and social viability and future on?

The answer: baking cakes with pro-gay messages and who can use what restroom!

Surely, this is a clear sign that American society has lost its senses, or, at least, any understanding of what truly matters and what truly doesn't matter.

Obviously, the so-called LGBT (and whatever else may be being conjured up in the moral abyss for which to claim rights) activists have decided that their agenda and desires are more important than the needs and issues that face everyone else. And they have apparently decided that since the marriage barrier has been broken and conquered, it is time to move on to better and more critical issues, such as making people who have sincere religious objections to gay marriage be forced to write pro-gay messages on cakes (it is very noteworthy that so far only Christian bakers, and not Muslim bakers, have been targeted by star-crossed same sex lovers) and making sure that any man can march into any women's restroom in the name of equality and justice (which is why I will be accompanying my 10 year old daughter into any restroom frequented by men in order to insure that justice is maintained).

The fact that these are the issues de jour at this time in our country shows the moral and character bankruptcy of American society. We are like squirrels fighting over a crushed acorn in the middle of a traffic way, unaware that a huge semi-truck is barrelling down the road, about to crush them and the nut together.

This is seriously silly!  Seriously!