Monday, November 3, 2014

A Random Prayer Of Confession

Almighty and merciful Lord, 
    we sing of your goodness, and we give thanks for your grace.  
But still, we must cry out at times that life is hard.  
Yes, there are good times when everything seems to be going well, 
    but there are also very difficult times, 
    when we wonder 
    what the difference is between hell and what we are facing.  
    In such times, our faith wavers, and our hope wains.  
We even doubt your goodness, and we dismiss the possibility of your grace.
We may hurl our anger toward you, 
    or dare to deny that You exist at all.  
Yet, in all our turmoil, you remain a merciful God, 
    and in our anguish you pour forth the healing remedy of forgiveness. 
Immerse us in your soothing grace.  
Lift us up with the promises and power of your Spirit, 
    who heals all our diseases and makes us whole through Jesus Christ, 
    in whose great and strong name we pray. Amen. 

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